2012 News


Novasterilis poster presentation, from the Ninth World Biomaterials Congress, on the supercritical CO2 sterilization of bioabsorbable polymer devices is featured in MPN Magazine...more


NovaSterilis announces EMCM as a strategic partner for supercritical CO2 sterilization in Europe and parts of Asia...more


GNS Healthcare, Dana-Farber and Mount Sinai collaborate to build a computer model of multiple myeloma...more


Novomer is the 2012 ICIS Innovation award winner in the 'Best innovation by a small to medium sized enterprise' category for its proprietary catalyst system used to produce intermediates from carbon monoxide and ethylene oxide...more


GNS Healthcare expands senior management team adding Hans Winkler, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer...more


Novomer wins the Best Paper Award in the renewable content polyol category at the American Chemistry Council's 2012 Polyurethanes Technical Conference...more


GNS Healthcare and Aetna are using "big data" analytics to help prevent heart and metabolic diseases...more


GNS Healthcare Collaborates With A Leading CRO To Enable More Efficient And Cost-Effective Drug Development...more


NovaSterilis to Present Phase l Data on Sterilization of Absorbable Polymers at Medtech Polymers Conference September 12th...more


GNS Healthcare Inc., the leading healthcare data analytics company, and the CHDI Foundation collaborate to build a computer model of Huntington's disease...more


Novomer's innovative catalyst platform is a finalist in the 'Best Innovation by a Small to Medium-Sized Enterprise' category of the ICIS Innovation Awards 2012...more


NovaSterilis has been awarded an NIH Phase II grant to further develop a commercial process for the sterilization of absorbable sutures using Super Critical CO2. Sutures are the number one wound closure device, with a market of nearly $2 billion annually...more


KensaGroup SAB member, Dr. Geoff Coates, has been awarded the DSM Performance Materials Award in recognition of his exceptional contributions to the advancement of polymer chemistry and the materials sciences...more


Dr. Geoff Coates, wins the 2012 Presidential Green Chemistry Award for synthesizing biodegradable polymers from CO and CO2...more


Novomer and other companies in the field of bio-based materials and green chemicals are hot targets for investors, corporate licensing, and acquisition...more


KensaGroup co-founder, Bruce Ganem, to receive the Esselen Award for Chemistry from the American Chemical Society for contributing to the public well-being through scientific and technical work...more


Novomer aims to capitalize on bio-succinic acid's market potential by leveraging its catalyst systems to develop a low cost production process...more


Novomer and Penford enter into joint development agreement to drive commercialization of innovative sustainable packaging materials...more


Novomer's CO2 based polymer technology platform part of Huffington Post feature article on how biomimicry leads to healthier humans and a healthier planet...more


NovaSterilis awarded patent covering a new method for cleaning allograft tissue with a supercritical fluid, thus avoiding other harmful chemical solvents that may leave residual chemicals...more