Bridging the gap between academic IP and technology commercialization.


KensaGroup creates, launches and develops leading edge intellectual property platforms into successful technology-based businesses. KensaGroup uses a proprietary approach to identify and evaluate promising discoveries from universities and corporate research initiatives, then creates the necessary scientific, institutional, and financial bridges that lead from initial discovery to successful commercialization.

Latest News

05.25.21 - GNS to Develop the World's First in silico Patient For Prostate Cancer...more

03.04.21 - Novomer Achieves Breakthrough in Development of Low-Cost Compostable Polymers...more

02.13.21 - Medical Device Manufacturers are Working with Regulators to Reduce EO emissions...more

02.03.21 - iFyber collaborates with Allergan in Aesthetic Surgery Journal evaluating antimicrobial solutions and biofilm-associated bacteria...more

01.28.21 - Rochal Industries and iFyber author Efficacy of Wound Cleansers on Wound-Specific Organisms Using In Vitro and Ex Vivo Biofilm Models...more


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